Clarification To Notice of Book Closure

Further to the announcement released on 14 June 2007, Meghmani Organics Limited (the “Company”) wishes to clarify as follow:

  • The Final Dividend will be paid on 4 July 2007.
  • Transfer Book and the Register of Members of Equity Shares of the Company will be closed on 27 June 2007 for the purpose of determining Members’ and Singapore Depository Shares (“SDS”) Holders’ entitlement to a Final Dividend of Rs 0.18 per SDS share.
  • SDS Holders whose shares are credited with the Central Depository (Pte) Limited, as at 5.00p.m. on 26 June 2007 will be entitled to the Final Dividend.

By Order of the Board
Kamlesh Dinkerray Mehta
Company Secretary
15 June 2007