Re-Designation of A Non-Executive Director To An Independent Director

The Board of Directors (the “Board) of Meghmani Organics Limited (the “Company”) wishes to announce that Mr Jayaraman Vishwanathan, who held the position of Non-Executive Director, has been re-designated as an Independent Director of the Company, with effect from 23 May 2008.

The details containing Mr Vishwanathan’s appointment as Independent Director pursuant to Rule 704(7) of the Listing Manual will be released separately to SGX-ST.

As such, the Company’s Board of Directors comprised the following members:

  • Jayanti Meghjibhai Patel (Executive Chairman)
  • Ashish Natwarlal Soparkar (Managing Director)
  • Natwarlal Meghjibhai Patel (Managing Director)
  • Ramesh Meghjibhai Patel (Executive Director)
  • Anand Ishwarbhai Patel (Executive Director)
  • Ashvin Kantilal Raythatha (Executive Director International Marketing)
  • Jayaraman Vishwanathan (Independent Director)
  • Balkrishna Tulsidas Thakkar (Independent Director)
  • Chinubhai Ramanlal Shah (Independent Director)
  • Chandan Bhattacharya (Independent Director)
  • K N Venkatasubramanian (Independent Director)

By order of the Board Kamlesh Dinkerray Mehta Company Secretary 12 June 2008